1. Online registration forms will be available at our website tab

    “Click Here To Register” from Dt-15.12.2022.

  2. Online Registration comprises of 4 stages like student details, Father, Mother

    and previous schooling data etc.

  1. After filling up all the detailed information, the online Regd. Fees payment link will be available at the bottom of the page for both IOCL and Non-IOCL candidates. Then note down the SBI Collect DU reference no. and enter the same into the specific box and click submit. This will complete the regd. procedure.

  2. An amount of Rs.350/- (IOCL Students) and Rs.500/-(NON-IOCL Students) should be deposited through SBI Collect as registration fees and the following documents are to be submitted:

    • Duly filled and signed registration form.

    • Coloured passport-size photographs of the candidate, pasted at the appropriate place in the forms.

    • Post card size photograph of the candidate with parents, to be attached with the form.

    • Photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation or any other competent authority.

    • Photocopy of Aadhar Card & Report Card of the previous class of the candidate.

    • Original Transfer Certificate of the candidate.

  1. Incomplete or illegible Registration Forms, without photograph, will be considered invalid.

  2. Registration will be followed by an interaction for which the date and time will be intimated later.

  3. Registration does not imply admission which is subject to the candidate’s performance in the admission test, interaction and the availability of seats.

  4. Admission to Pre-Nursery to Class II will be through observation/interaction.

  5. Interaction will be followed by a written test for students seeking admission to Class III – onwards.

  6. It is strictly advised that the parents should fill the registration form themselves. In case this form is filled by guardians, it should be clearly indicated. The same local guardian’s signature is to be endorsed in the ALMANAC if the child gets admission.

  7. Care must be taken to ensure that the date of birth filled in the Registration Form tallies with that on the original Birth Certificate.

  8. Transfer Certificate should be submitted before the commencement of academic session.


Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s performance of the pupil; hence the importance of regularity in attendance and work is imperative.


  • Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s work of the pupil, hence importance of regularity in work for all classes i.e. Prep to IX & XI is necessary.

  • Class teachers keep an up-to-date record of all students. Quarterly reports reflect the average score of every pupil.

  • Results declared at the end of the year are final in all cases and will not be reconsidered, nor will the answer papers be shown.


  • One calendar month’s notice in writing or a month’s fee in leu of notice must be given before a pupil is withdrawn.

  • Exception may be made in case of sudden transfer of Govt. or Military Personal.

  • Those who leave the school in May must in all cases pay the fees for the month of June.

  • Transfer Certificates for children withdrawn are not issued until all dues are settled.

  • Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds.

    1. Disciplinary

    2. Unsatisfactory progress in work

    3. Detention in a class. As a rule only those students will be retained on the rolls of the school who can take the school leaving examination under 18 years of age.

  • The school espouses politeness in talk and behaviour as a special aspect of education. Any rude/impolite behaviour towards staff member in/outside the school by any student parent/guardian shall be sufficient reason for the immediate expulsion of the student from the school rolls.

N.B.: In case, the withdrawal takes place due to any of the above reasons, the question of charging a month’s notice does not arise.


AGE CRITERIA (as on 1st April) for the current academic session




3 + years


4-5 years


5-6 years

Class I

6-7 years

Class II

7-8 years

Class III

8-9 years

Class IV

9-10 years

Class V

10-11 years

Class VI

11-12 years

Class VII

12-13 years

Class VIII

13-14 years

Class IX

14-15 years

Class X

15-16 years

Class XI

16-17 years

Class XII

17-18 years


Availability of Online Registration Forms.

December 15th onwards


Within two working days after the issuance of Registration Form

Interaction (NUR- STD II)

Date and time will be intimated after successful Registration.

Written Test followed by Interaction (Class III – onwards)

Date and time will be intimated after successful Registration.

Result (Pre-Nur- onwards)

List of selected students will be uploaded on the school website as well as put up on the school notice board on 3rd week of March.

Admission (Pre-Nur- onwards)

After the declaration of Result.