List of Instruments: Harmonium, tabla, drum set, Congo, bongo, guitar, pakhawaj, dhol, synthesiser, mouth organ, guitar, Marcus and mandira.

About music department:

Our music department has constantly been in the process of enhancing the skills of our students, which leads to an increase in their productivity and output. Music being foremost, a practical art, special attention and continuous stress is laid on achieving excellence in performance among the students, but In order to orient them with the fine art and nuances of performance, our school organizes many functions and competitions from time to time, where students are given a platform to display the richness of their talent.

Teaching methodology:

For a musician he / she should be a good listener, should have patience in practice, develop creativite skills be disciplined . Therefore we focus on these skills for the all round development of students.

We try to bring all round development of students in different fields of music. All cannot play a particular instrument. Accordingly to student’s caliber we give them  full opportunity to expose their talent. We teach them songs and instruments to be played with the song for different functions. We focus on more number of students participation.

Music class is meant for children  refreshing themselves and developing  concentration for their studies. Therefore we try to create a healthy and relaxing atmosphere by teaching them soothing music which will  comfort their mind and soul.